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What Your Floor Wants

Hey Decor Friend,

This is week 2 of the most common decorating mistakes. Last week we talked about curtains, how often they are too short or hung too low on a window. You can check out that post here in case you missed it.

Today we are moving from walls to floors. Area rugs ladies, they are a fabulous way to layer color, texture and shape to any space. They can soften a room, provide visual boundaries and add instant personality.

The most common mistake made is choosing an area rug that is not large enough for a space.

Here are a couple simple guidelines to consider when purchasing a rug for your living room or under a table.

To go under or just in front of the sofa, is a question I am asked on the daily. You can really do either – you just want to make sure that the length of the rug is at least equal to the length of the sofa.

In smaller spaces, you can get away with having the rug just in front of the sofa, 6” to 18” in front of the sofa is a typical distance that shows a nice border of wood.

If you are wanting an area rug to go under your dining room or kitchen table, first consider the size you will need. Here are a couple guidelines to follow.

6 chair dinning room table need 8x10

8 chair dinning room table needs a 9x12

10 chair table will need a 10x14.

A Guide to Rug Sizing

When selecting the color, pattern and texture of the rug, consider where you are using it. Is there high traffic? What activities will be happening on the area rug? Eating, playing, resting? In terms of color ask yourself if you like color on your floor. Do you like pattern? If so, large or small pattern? Are you trying to accentuate a specific color in your area rug or do you want it to blend in?

Area rugs offer the opportunity to bring wonderful personality to your space. Begin with your size and move from there.

Bye for now friends,



I find your instructions so helpful. Thank you.

We are moving from larger house to smaller and your encouragement in style and content based in knowledge has made the transition less stressful.

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