Pillow Perfection - Week 4

Size Matters. Learn to pair your pillows.

Hello Decor Friends,

I am so glad to hear you are enjoying the pillow perfection series. If you are just joining us now, You can find week 1, week 2, and week 3 here.

Today we are talking size, and size matters friends. When mixing pillows you want the contrast of size and shape. I am going to give you a brief run down of some tried and true pillow size combinations for the typical family room seating options.

Regular Sofa 72"-89" wide


20"x20". BEST square pillows

11"x14" Best lumbar pillow

Small Sofa/Loveseats/Apartment Sized Sofas - less then 72” wide



20”x20”BEST square pillows

10”-13” height by 17”-19” BEST lumbar pillow

Long/Deep Sofa-Seat depth is 26” or greater, Length is 90” or greater



20”x 20”” BEST Square Pillow

13”-15” x 20”-22” BEST lumbar pillow




22”x22” BEST square pillow

11”x15” height x 19”-21” width BEST lumbar pillows


Designer Tip

When choosing your insert for your pillow covers, I recommend using an insert that is 2’ larger than the finished pillow cover size. For example, you have an 18"x18” pillow cover, use a 20”x20” insert. This will ensure your pillow looks plump and full.


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